• 2015 Food Web Workshop, Paris (France), 11th-12th February. Invited speaker on "Reconciling social, economic and ecological complexity in agro-ecosystems".
  • 2014 Joint British and French Ecological Societies Annual Meeting, Lille (France), 9-12 December 2014. Keynote speaker on the Symposia "Biological impacts of climate change: Reconciling macro-scale patterns with local-scale processes.
  • 2013 Food Webs Symposium 2013 (celebrated every 10 years), Giessen (Germany), 13-15 November. Keynote speaker "Integrating Food Webs and Biogeography"
  • 2013 INTECOL conference, London, 18-23 August. Invited talk "Novel communities from climate change"
  • 2012 Gordon Conference on Marine Microbes, Il Ciocco, Italy, 24-29 June 2012. Invited speaker: “Marine Microbial Interaction Networks”.
  • 2012 WebOfLife Conference, Montpellier, France, 5-7 June 2012. Invited speaker: “Microbes in Ecological Networks: An Eco-evolutionary perspective”.
  • 2012 Universidad de Granada, Spain, March 2012: "Climate change effects on biotic interactions and ecosystem functioning".
  • 2011 4th International Workshop “SiZEMIC: Changing Climate, Physiological Adaptation, Ecosystem Resilience & Body Size Constraints”, Hamburg 13-15 March 2011. Keynote Speaker: “How robust is the structure and functioning of ecosystems to environmental warming?”
  • 2011 1st International Symposium on Sponge Microbiology, Würzburg, Germany, 21-22 March 2011. Presentation of the invited talk “Ecology, coevolution and robustness of prokaryote-sponge interactions: insights from ecological network studies”.