In the Media

  • 2012 An outreach article on our paper on warming effects on community structure and functioning, on Planet Earth magazine.
  • 2011 Outreach article commenting our work on the effects of climate change on species body mass, in the Quo magazine.
  • 2010 Warming alters the metabolic balance of ecosystems was commented in Nature's Research Highlights.
  • 2010 You can see a commentary of the 2010 paper in Global Change Biology published by the BBC, here.
  • 2006 Ecological networks and their fragility has been featured in:

BBC Mundo (in Spanish)

El País (in Spanish)

El País (paper edition, in Spanish)

Avui (newspaper, in Catalan)

El Periodico (newspaper, in Spanish)

La Vanguardia (newspaper, in Spanish)

  • 2000 The New York Times published a science article about patterns in ecological networks.

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